What effect can be reflected in choosing stainless steel etching pattern plate to decorate the eleva

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What effect can be reflected in choosing stainless steel etching pattern plate to decorate the elevator

by:Topson     2022-11-02

Decorating elevators with stainless steel decorative plates can carry a long service life and can enhance the service life of elevators. Therefore, when choosing elevator decorative plates, most people choose stainless steel elevator decorative plates with etching process. This is the reason, then it has those artistic effects. Woolen cloth?

1. The color stainless steel pattern etched plate is made of 8K mirror panel, brushed plate, and sandblasted stainless steel as the bottom plate, and various patterns are etched on the surface by chemical methods.

2. After the etching treatment, the surface of the object can also be further processed, such as partial and patterning, wire drawing, gold inlay, partial titanium gold and other complex processes. decorative effect.

3. Although the workmanship is complicated, its expressive power is strong. Using this material can set the required images and patterns on the inner and outer walls, ceilings and columns and beams of the building to express the theme of the building.

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