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What do you know about the color stainless steel elevator board?

by:Topson     2022-03-27

Today, we will briefly introduce some knowledge about the color stainless steel elevator panel

Color stainless steel elevator door panel is a composite surface stainless steel elevator door panel. It is a composite door panel made of cold-rolled steel plate and inner bottom plate, and colored stainless steel plate and outer plate bonded by strong glue. The manufacturing method is as follows: preparing materials according to the predetermined size of the door panel, cutting the cold-rolled steel plate bottom plate and the stainless steel plate, grooving, using a planer to plan a V-shaped groove with a depth of 0.3 mm at the bending line of the bottom plate, and phosphating the bottom plate. Remove grease and surface rust; glue the non-planed surface of the bottom plate and the stainless steel surface together; apply aerosol glue on the surface of the two boards, and the air film will not stick to the hand; glue the two boards together and bend at the same time; Glue the accessories together with the reinforcing ribs of the door panel; the door panel is welded and reinforced as a whole without affecting the appearance; the inner surface of the bottom plate is painted.

Stainless steel decorative plate is generally made by stainless steel etching method, the pattern is custom-made, the color can be selected in a variety of ways, the commonly used colors are titanium, rose gold, coffee gold, etc. The etching depth is generally within 3C, so that the pattern General atmosphere

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