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What details should be paid attention to in the laser cutting of Topson stainless steel color plate?

by:Topson     2022-04-19

Topson stainless steel color plate laser cutting should pay attention to the following points?

1. Laser cutting makes the stainless steel surface rust

When the surface of our stainless steel material is rusted, the material is difficult to be cut, and the processing effect will also be very poor. When the surface of the material is affected by rust, the laser cutting will shoot back to the nozzle and easily damage the nozzle. Superelevation issues can also damage components. When the nozzle is changed, the cutting laser will move, which is the uncertainty of the nozzle. Second, it can damage the optical system and protection system, and even lead to the possibility of a process explosion. Therefore, the rust removal work on the surface of the material must be done before cutting.

2. Laser cutting stainless steel surface coating

Stainless steel surface coating is not common, but we also need to pay attention, because paints are generally toxic substances, and fumes are easily generated during processing , harmful to human body, so we need to wipe off the surface paint when cutting painted stainless steel material.

3. Stainless steel surface coating of laser cutting machine

Stainless steel surface coating is a problem we often encounter in our daily processing, but if we follow the traditional processing technology, it is far from enough of. When the equipment cuts stainless steel, the film cutting technology is generally used. In order to ensure that the film is not damaged, we usually cut off the side with the film, and the side without the film is down.

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