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What colors are available for commonly used stainless steel color plates?

by:Topson     2022-03-21

Stainless steel color plate is a good decorative material. It has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, durable color surface, and color changes with different lighting angles. The color surface of the color stainless steel plate can withstand 200 ℃, and its resistance to salt spray corrosion is better than that of ordinary stainless steel. The wear resistance and scratch resistance of the colored stainless steel plate are comparable to those of gold-plated foil. When the colored stainless steel plate is bent at 90℃, the colored layer will not be damaged. Can be used for hall wall panels, ceilings, elevator panels, trunk panels, architectural decoration, signs and other decorations.

In the field of construction engineering decoration, whether it is interior decoration design or outdoor decoration design, stainless steel color plate decorative plate has been widely used. Because of its beautiful appearance, novel design, and excellent rust-proof and moisture-proof performance, color stainless steel decorative panels are more and more popular with large-scale building owners and become the new favorite of designers in the field of construction engineering.

Commonly used stainless steel color plates for customers to choose from: titanium black (black titanium), sapphire blue, titanium gold, brown, brown, bronze, bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple, Emerald green etc. , and can be customized with appropriate colors to meet the owners and architects' love for architectural decoration atmosphere and the pursuit of unique taste.

The strength of stainless steel color plate is better than many traditional decorative materials, and there are more color choices than traditional metal stainless steel plate. In addition, special surfaces with different textures can be realized by combining various stainless steel surface treatment technologies. The surface of the stainless steel decorative plate is processed with electroplating color by special processing technology, and the special surface color is customized. Stainless steel decorative plate not only has good durability, but also has excellent characteristics such as strong metal texture, various color choices, and multi-level three-dimensional expression. It has gradually become the darling of the construction engineering decoration industry.

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