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What color does the stainless steel checker plate look good in?

by:Topson     2022-10-05

On the third day of the resumption of work and production of Topson stainless steel, Foshan Topson Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. will take you to the process technology and advantages of stainless steel checkered plate:

Colored stainless steel checkered plate is a process that uses etching technology to process the surface of stainless steel by printing and etching technology, so as to perform artistic processing on the surface of stainless steel. The surface of the stainless steel, which has been plated and oiled in the later stage, shows different shades and textures, and has an obvious three-dimensional relief of relief, which enhances the artistic appeal of the stainless steel sheet.

Stainless steel checkered plate has the following advantages: durable, wear-resistant, strong decorative effect, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-impact, anti-compression, anti-scratch and no fingerprints, mainly used in building decoration, elevator decoration, counter tops, Kitchen countertops, etc., include stainless steel elevator decorative panels, engineering decorative panels, curtain wall decorative panels, color decorative panels, vacuum coating equipment, various types of stainless steel surface treatment, stainless steel products, etc. For example, stainless steel countertop checker plates will be mentioned when the checker plate is mentioned.

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