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What are the tips for successfully selling stainless steel checkered plates?

by:Topson     2022-10-02

What are the tips for successfully selling stainless steel checkered plates?

The author has been engaged in the sales of stainless steel decorative panels for several years. In the process of sales, there are joys and sorrows, laughter and tears, flowers and fruits. Joe Girard, the world's number one car salesman, said: 'I'm not selling cars, I'm selling myself'; I think that in the process of selling stainless steel decorative panels, what I'm selling is ─ ─ ideas.

View ━ ━ value, is to customers, important or unimportant needs. ?

Read ━ ━ belief, the fact that the customer thinks. ??

1. Is it easier to sell what you want to sell, or is it easier to sell what your customers want to buy? ?

2. Is it easy to change the customer's concept, or is it easy to match the customer's concept? ?

3. So, before you sell your product to customers, find a way to figure out their concept, and then go with it. ?

Fourth, if the customer's purchase concept conflicts with the concept of the product or service we sell, then change the customer's concept first, and then sell.

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