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What are the selection requirements for stainless steel honeycomb panel adhesives?

by:Topson     2022-09-05

The adhesive for composite stainless steel honeycomb panels is also the main raw material for the production of honeycomb panels. The performance of the adhesive directly affects the mechanical properties of the honeycomb panel. The following is a brief introduction to the selection requirements of honeycomb panel adhesives from Topson, a stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturer.

1. Edge sealing adhesive: It is required to have certain comprehensive properties, such as low curing pressure, good filling performance, less curing volatiles, light weight per unit volume, and simple process. The curing temperature is the same as that of the panel, and it has a certain stiffness after curing.

2. Adhesives for surface laminates: Comprehensive properties are required, including high peel strength, fatigue strength, medium resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance and other properties.

3. Interlayer adhesive: It is required that the joint has high strength, good toughness and good processing performance. The sandwich adhesive should be liquid, with moderate viscosity, long active period, and insensitive to the bonding surface state of aluminum foil. Its working temperature should be able to withstand the curing temperature and repeated curing process when the panel is bonded to the interlayer.

4. Joint glue: The honeycomb panel manufacturer should not foam after curing. Mainly used for bonding or inserting parts. The basic requirements are the same as for edge sealing, but concentrated loads can be transferred due to higher dimple strength, shear strength and stiffness.

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