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What are the processes of stainless steel wood grain board?

by:Topson     2022-04-16

1. Stainless steel etching process

When we want to make wood grain on the surface of stainless steel, first we have to choose a pattern similar to the wood grain, and then apply the silk screen technology to the pattern, which is what we usually When talking about wanting to make a mold, the mold we are talking about here refers to the stencil, and then the anti-corrosion ink is used to coat the ink on the surface of the stainless steel. In this way, the wood grain pattern is printed on the stainless steel plate, and after the ink is dry, it is lifted to the etching machine for etching, that is, the part of the surface that is not covered by the ink will be corroded by the corrosive potion! Then wash off the film oil we printed on it, so that the imitation wood grain stainless steel plate of my door is ready.

Second, transfer process
This process should be very common, because not only our stainless steel can be used for transfer, but also other metal materials. Can be achieved, the same reason. Transfer the desired wood grain to the steel plate by transfer technology!

Three, lamination process

The advantage of lamination is that it has a variety of designs and colors. The use of PCV, PET and other films is used to laminate on the steel plate at high temperature. All kinds of wood grain types and colors, there is no problem with hand or outer hand, and its application is also widely used.

Maybe many people will be surprised, how can stainless steel have the effect of wood grain, the answer is certain! Imitation wood grain stainless steel plate can be done! When we have a certain understanding of the surface processing technology of stainless steel, everyone will not be so surprised! Let's talk about the basic processing technology of stainless steel.

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