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What are the methods and processes of color stainless steel etching?

by:Topson     2022-04-20

Color stainless steel etching plate uses 8K mirror plate, brushed plate and sandblasting plate as the bottom plate, and chemically etches various patterns on the surface of stainless steel. After etching, the stainless steel decorative plate is processed. For example, complex processes such as local rib reinforcement, wire drawing, gold embedding and local titanium alloying have been carried out. The stainless steel etched plate is between the light and dark of the pattern to achieve a bright color effect.

Principle of stainless steel etching plate: Using the strong oxidation of ferric chloride to corrode the surface of stainless steel, ferric iron becomes a relatively stable iron element. The specific production process is to coat the stainless steel surface with an anti-corrosion layer to protect the parts that need to be protected, and put it into the production line sprayed with ferric chloride. After corrosion, the anti-corrosion layer is washed away to form patterns. Stainless steel corrosion method and depth

The etching process is as follows:

1. The pre-etching treatment is an important process to ensure the tightness of the screen printing and the metal surface, so the metal etching surface must be completely removed. Oil stains and oxide films.

2. According to the oil contamination of the workpiece, a degreasing scheme is proposed. Electrolytic degreasing is performed before screen printing to ensure degreasing effect.

3. In order to remove the oxide film, a good etching solution must be selected according to the metal type and film thickness, and the surface should be cleaned.

4. It must be dried before screen printing. If there is moisture, it will also affect the adhesion of the ink, and the effect of subsequent pattern etching will collapse, which will also affect the decorative effect.

5. Screen printing must produce screen with standard patterns according to the needs of printing. In the process of pattern decoration, screen printing mainly plays a protective role, and photoresist is applied more times, because the thick screen template has good mask performance, and the etched pattern has high brightness.

6. The sieve plate film undergoes photochemical reaction under the action of light. The light-irradiated portion is provided on the water-insoluble film. The part hit by the light is soluble in water and exposes the screen space. The coated screen is printed with a screen pattern conforming to a black and white positive film pattern.

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