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What are the materials of elevator stainless steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-03-25

General elevator stainless steel plate materials are as follows: 1201 or 304 material, 316 material. Processing method: etching, mirror surface, dry grinding straight wire, oil grinding snow silk, anti-fingerprint painting, titanium coating Color: champagne gold, rose gold, titanium plate for elevator door, escalator, etc. Here are all very common and commonly used materials and supplies. I'm sure you can see a lot of this material in public places. This is the basis for our customers to develop new styles and technologies.

In our elevator industry, customers have begun to use our new product laminates to manufacture cabs and doors. This material is the same as the previous stainless steel substrate. Of course, the pattern of instant noodles is different. There are more than 200 wood grain styles. There are stone patterns, stones, highlights and more! The style can also be matched at will, which can meet the needs of customers in terms of style, and is also very popular with customers in terms of price, because such materials reduce a lot of processing procedures. It leaves a lot of cost for our customers, and the decorative effect will not be as good as the decorative effect of titanium plate. Now I would like to share with you the overall effect of customers using our new material small windows in elevator cars. Customers use stainless steel wood grain coated plates, combined with titanium plates. You can see the effect. It's very high end and comfortable! It conforms to modern aesthetic standards.

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