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What are the main points of using protective film for stainless steel sheets?

by:Topson     2022-09-17

Stainless steel sheet is a general term for stainless steel sheet and acid-resistant steel sheet. It has a history of more than 90 years since it came out at the beginning of this century. Its surface is smooth and clean, with high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, and is resistant to corrosion by acids, alkaline gases, solutions and other media. It is an alloy steel, which is not easy to rust, but not easy to rust.

The main points of the use of stainless steel protective film in the production and processing of stainless steel sheets are as follows:

1. Stainless steel laser protective film: usually used for laser cutting of stainless steel sheets

Generally speaking, the stainless steel sheet used for stainless steel laser cutting cannot use ordinary stainless steel film, but needs to use special stainless steel laser film; laser cutting includes carbon dioxide laser cutting and fiber cutting machine, and fiber cutting machine needs to be protected by optical fiber film. In addition, the current rapid development of stainless steel laser cutting equipment, laser cutting equipment produced by different wattages and manufacturers will also have certain differences in the coating of stainless steel sheets. For laser equipment with different wattages, special attention should be paid to the thickness and viscosity of the film, which needs to be adjusted according to the processing equipment. For different stainless steel surfaces, it is also necessary to paste laser films with different viscosities or special films for optical fibers.

2. Ordinary stainless steel protective film: only used to protect the stainless steel surface

It is usually located on the ordinary surface, stainless steel frosted surface, stainless steel brushed surface, stainless steel mirror surface; usually the frosted brushed surface should be pasted with a stainless steel protective film with a slightly higher viscosity, and the viscosity is generally above 70. The stainless steel mirror sheet needs to be pasted with a low-viscosity stainless steel protective film.

3. Coating method according to special requirements: single film, double film, double film, spacer film

In order to meet the needs of subsequent production and processing, stainless steel membranes are applied in various ways, such as single membrane, double membrane, double membrane, spacer membrane, etc. The thickness, quality and film processing operation of stainless steel film are important factors that affect whether the processing of stainless steel film can be carried out on schedule and achieve corresponding results.

Therefore, when making stainless steel film processing plates, some film tearing tests, even tensile tests, laser cutting tests and other tests should be done during the operation. Otherwise, the stainless steel material produced through multiple processes may require a lot of manpower to rework due to the carelessness of the next step of the film, and even lead to the failure of the entire batch of stainless steel materials.

4. Stainless steel protective film for stretching: the film needs to be stretched or punched later

The main feature of stretch film is that the protective film itself has a certain toughness and is suitable for stretching or stamping. In addition, the proper viscosity and thickness of the stainless steel film is also the key to the filming of deep-drawn and stamped parts. If the viscosity is not enough, it is easy to form a film during the production process, and the purpose of protecting the stainless steel surface cannot be achieved; however, too high viscosity will make it difficult to tear off the film after the stainless steel products are drawn and punched, requiring a lot of manpower to tear off the film. film.

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