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What are the cutting skills for stainless steel plate processing?

by:Topson     2022-09-17

The main reason for the difficulty of processing stainless steel plates is that the thermal conductivity of stainless steel plates is not good. When heating, chips are likely to form chip blocks at the tip of the tool, which is the main reason for blade damage. In addition, due to the large cutting force and high cutting temperature, it brings certain difficulties to processing, and it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results during cutting.

What skills do you have when cutting stainless steel sheets? ? How much do you know about this issue? Now I'm going to tell you something about this issue. I hope it helps you. Cutting φ Generally, high-speed steel cutting machine is used for bars below 40mm, and the cutting effect is better. Machining φ When the workpiece is larger than 40mm, due to the low cutting speed of stainless steel plate processing, in order to improve efficiency, carbide cutting tools can be used.

1. The inclination of the cutting edge must be 0°. If possible, it can be ground on a tool grinder, which is a very important point for Zui. Because when the stainless steel plate is cut, the friction between the chip and the groove wall is serious. If the chips cannot be rolled out vertically, the phenomenon of chip squeezing will occur, and the tool will be cut off in severe cases. When the blade angle is large, even if the chip separation measures are taken, the effect is not ideal.

2. The radius of the tool nose arc should not be too large. If it is too large, the rear corner of the tool is prone to wear. This may be due to the thin chip thickness at the arc, which is prone to work hardening and aggravates the wear on the side of the tool.

3. Tool wear should be sharpened in time. The sharpening standard of the stainless steel plate cutting machine should not only be determined according to the main rear face, but also pay special attention to the wear degree of the auxiliary rear face. If the wear of the secondary end face is too large, the friction between the tool and the groove side increases, resulting in a narrower groove width, difficulty in chip removal, and accelerated tool wear.

4. Minimize the front surface roughness of the tool. Lower surface roughness results in less adhesive wear, lower cutting forces and faster cutting speeds. Practice has proved that the service life of the tool after grinding is significantly longer than that of the tool without grinding.

5. The negative chamfer of about 0.2mm can reduce the phenomenon of edge drop and obtain better edge quality. The lower part of the knife body is fish-bellied to increase rigidity. The relief angle of the tool pair is ground by the outer ring of the grinding wheel, which has good rigidity. The actual back angle is about 2° to 3°. The tool material for stainless steel plate processing is generally YG alloy, which is not easy to produce adhesive wear. Choose YG8 with better strength as the tool material. The tool width is selected according to the bar diameter, and the cutting speed is about 60m/min. The tool can meet the needs of general processing, φ 40~φ can cut 80mm bar with one feed, without driving the tool from left to right. During the processing, it should be noted that the chips of the stainless steel plate are very sharp. If the chips are too long, the feed should be returned to break the chips to avoid danger. When retracting, the tool should not rest on the workpiece surface to reduce work hardening. When cutting solid workpieces, in order to avoid tool breakage, about 1-2mm can be left when tangential to the center.

6. For the cutting of this kind of stainless steel plate, under normal circumstances, the life of the wet knife is several times that of the dry knife. I mainly look at the speed and the cutting tool. The heart is clear!

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