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What are the commonly used stainless steel decorative plates and colors

by:Topson     2022-08-22

Contracts have become especially popular in recent years, luxury and modern decorating styles will use stainless steel wire, some for ceilings, some for baseboards, some for backdrop walls, some cabinets, colored stainless steel trim in areas such as surrounding edges , Make the whole room decoration atmosphere more fashionable and tasteful.

Stainless steel decorative strips are rich in colors and styles. Stainless steel electroplating colors are rich and colorful, including rose gold, champagne gold, bronze gold, black titanium, colorful and other colors. The surface can be brushed, sandblasted, mirror, etc., which can be perfectly matched with various decorative styles.

Stainless steel decorative lines have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth surface, water resistance, friction resistance, cold and warm expansion and so on.

In modern, light luxury or new Chinese style decoration projects, it is often used for block surfaces, so that it plays a similar role in visual effects and can well stretch the spirit of the space.

Whether it is embedded or protruding stainless steel decorative panels, it can play a sense of balance in the space, the vertical height of the lines, and the horizontal widening. Display multiple visual elements to accentuate the sense of hierarchy

The color stainless steel strip also has excellent processing performance, can fully adapt to various complex modeling designs, and can process various types of curved lines,

Stainless steel decorative strips are often used as inner corner lines, outer corner lines, waist lines, frame lines, embedded lines, and blank frames for interior and exterior decoration.

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