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What are the common problems and solutions of stainless steel mirror panels?

by:Topson     2022-04-29

Stainless steel mirror panels have encountered various problems, such as grinding, scratches, trachoma, and stars. So, how to solve these problems?

Grinding head flower: a circle pattern, for products with high requirements, defects are not allowed. Solution: 1. Check the grinding head for impurities. Whether the board surface is smooth

Scratches: Scratches seriously affect the appearance of the product, and the scratches caused by processing equipment are very regular. Solution: 1. Check the device for scratches. Check whether there is any problem with the raw materials

trachoma: small holes, also known as star-shaped holes, are mostly caused by the raw materials (the quality of the raw materials determines the quality of the subsequent products). Solution: 1. Choose large and high-quality suppliers. Procurement personnel have excellent professional knowledge

Acid spots: oxidative acid spots formed by acid mist falling off the board during the production process. Solution: 1. Isolate acid mist 2. Stick film on the boat

To avoid these problems, the first is the selection of raw materials, which determines the quality of subsequent production products; the second is the strictness of equipment and processing technology Require. Encounter problems, solve problems, and dare not produce high-quality stainless steel mirror panels.

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