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What are the coloring techniques for stainless steel decorative color plates?

by:Topson     2022-04-04

There are many kinds of common color technology for stainless steel decorative color plate, one is coloring by chemical treatment, which is divided into high temperature coloring method and plate coloring method; the other is coloring by organic matter, including brushing method and In addition to the thin film method 2, the coloring of the stainless steel color pattern plate is also colored by pond porcelain into cloisonne; it is colored by plated non-ferrous metal. High temperature of stainless steel colored flower grave board. The color method is the method of tempering the color method or the altar-touching salt method that obtains the black color by complex acid. Soft for it. The low quietness of using the palm treatment liquid. There are many kinds of colors. More often, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the stainless steel color checker plate. A method of obtaining color by utilizing the interference phenomenon of light. The method of coating sections on the stainless steel color flower grave board is to use opaque. Pigments and methods of using clear extrusion coatings. Follow. Coating, the improvement of technology, the coating of coils, has become possible. Therefore, paint. Stainless steel checkered plate, like colored zinc iron plate and colored aluminum plate, has been widely used in basin building material paste. The color of the stainless steel colored flower grave plate is drawn with porcelain or quantai blue, which can produce a smooth and glossy hard surface similar to the ancestor of glass. However, the problem of tightness between the coating and the stainless steel checker plate requires a high technical level to solve, so it is mainly used for handicrafts. Cross over non-ferrous metals. The creation of such as Sao Jin, Duchengge, Durun, etc.; waiting for the other is the continuous crossing of the Dong method, which has been widely used in the T industry. For the stainless steel rose gold panel in the stainless steel color flower grave panel, its preparation process is not simply a layer of stainless steel. Toners can be used to produce colorful colors, but they must be realized through a very complicated process. At present, the method used is mainly the acid bathing pink method, which makes the soft surface of the stainless steel form a transparent Luozhubin film. The entire process of color processing stainless steel includes: Two step spiders with a color handle and a hard rouge handle. . The color treatment is carried out in the hot-gold sulfuric acid solution. After the steel is not lured into the water, a layer of oxygen-like texture that is only one percent of the diameter of a human hair will be formed on the soft surface. With the extension of time and the increase of graded film thickness, the color of the long surface of stainless steel is also constantly changing.

When the thickness of the Ehua rouge increases from 0.2 meters to 0.45 meters, the color of the stainless steel surface will show blue, gold, red, green. People can get the rose gold stainless steel plate they want by controlling the idle time. After hard coating treatment, it can be stabilized in the cathode, such as chromium trioxide and chromium hydroxide. It not only fills the tiny pores in the oxide film, but also improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of the oxide film, so that the overall performance of the material is greatly improved. Lai uses abrasive liquid to polish the stainless steel plate surface through the polishing equipment, so that the surface of the plate is as clear and translucent as the mirror.

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