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What are the characteristics of stainless steel sheet

by:Topson     2022-09-13

What are the advantages of stainless steel sheet over ordinary steel sheet?

Brightness, hygiene, rust, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance are much better than ordinary steel.

What are the characteristics of stainless steel plate?

Stainless steel sheet has high strength and hardness, good plasticity and toughness, can be divided into hot rolling and cold rolling according to its manufacturing method, and can be divided into five categories according to the microstructure characteristics of steel grades.

What is the use of stainless steel coil

Stainless steel coil is one of the important stainless steel sheets. According to different production processes, it can be divided into cold-rolled stainless steel coil and hot-rolled stainless steel coil. According to different materials, it can be divided into austenite, ferrite, martensite and duplex stainless steel coil. Instead of its model being a stainless steel plate, the stainless steel coil has a strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability, and its excellent quality makes it an important industrial raw material and building material. With the continuous development of the national economy, the application fields of stainless steel coils are becoming more and more extensive, and the market prospect is very optimistic. We are very optimistic. The following Topson will introduce you to the use of stainless steel coils.

--Application of stainless steel coil

1. Automobile industry

Stainless steel coils are not only resistant to corrosion, but also light in weight. Therefore, it is widely used in automobile manufacturing, such as car casings, a car needs 10-30 kg of stainless steel coils, and American cars need 40 kg of stainless steel coils. Now, some international brands of cars are using stainless steel coil as the structural material of the car, which can not only reduce the weight of the vehicle, but also greatly improve the service life of the vehicle. In addition, stainless steel coils are also widely used in passenger cars, high-speed rail and ground rail applications.

2. Water storage and transportation industry

Water is easily polluted during storage and transportation, so the use of material storage and transportation equipment is very important. No rust, water storage and water delivery equipment based on steel coils is the most hygienic and safe water industry equipment. At present, the storage and transportation of production and domestic water has higher and higher requirements for health and safety. The storage and transportation equipment of traditional materials can no longer meet our requirements. Therefore, stainless steel coils will become an important raw material for future water storage and transportation equipment.

3. Construction Industry

Stainless steel coils were the first material to be used in the construction sector. It is an important building material in the construction industry or a raw material science for the production of building materials. The decorative panels and interior walls of the building's exterior walls are made of stainless steel coils, which are durable and beautiful. With the continuous development of interior decoration, stainless steel coils are more and more used as decorative materials in the home decoration industry, and their appearance is becoming more and more diverse. A decorative panel. In addition to the above two fields, stainless steel coils are also used in the home appliance manufacturing industry. For example, many components of TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, such as household appliances, will be produced using stainless steel coils. With the continuous popularity of the home appliance industry, there is still a lot of room for expansion of the application potential of stainless steel coils in this field.

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