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What are the characteristics and performance of 301 stainless steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-04-21

The appearance of 301 stainless steel plate adopts advanced cold rolling technology, and the appearance is smooth. Fine silk pattern, super abrasion resistance, various materials, can be used for mobile phone shells, high-quality shrapnel, clockwork materials. The stainless steel whole cabinet round bar adopts cold drawing technology, which has high-quality abrasion resistance. The chemical composition is in accordance with the national designation, high quality and environmental protection, no bubbles, cracks, easy turning bars to increase mo elements, and both tapping and drilling are excellent.

301 stainless steel plate is a kind of external device elastic sheet with tensile effect, including device section, elastic arm section connected with the The connecting section, the first extension section connected with the abutting section, and the second extension section connected with the installation section. The interference part, the second extension section constitutes a welding part and a second limit part, and the 301 stainless steel plate makes the second extension section and the device section together form a limited space that restricts the movement of the interference part of the top extension section. It has the effect of resisting a certain degree of pulling force to prevent deformation, preventing deformation due to excessive pressure, and being closed to reduce mutual interference during storage and transportation.

The feature of the 301 stainless steel plate is that the device section is touched and welded on the circuit board, and the device section is formed with opposite top end and second end; the elastic arm section is connected to the device section The top end of the list extends from a viewpoint; the abutment section is connected to the elastic arm section and corresponds to the device section on the same side of the elastic arm section; the top extension section is connected to the abutment section and goes to the device Extend in the direction of the section, and the top extension section has a top limit part and an interference part.

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