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What are the benefits of colored stainless steel decorative moldings!

by:Topson     2022-07-31

With the increasing demand for decoration and the simple maintenance of the short and fast pace of modern life, the stainless steel decorative panel conforms to the trend of the times, and using it as a decoration not only improves the grade, but also shows its noble quality. Can be used for hotel engineering, KTV ceiling, office building elevator car stainless steel decorative panels, architectural decoration, signs and other decorations. In addition, the color stainless steel plate has strong corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties, and the color finish does not fade for a long time.

The color will change with the angle of the light, as will the hue. With high cost performance and low price, it has been recognized and favored by consumers.

The types of stainless steel products are very complex. Due to different product requirements, different models have been developed. Stainless steel decorative plate is one of them. In addition to ordinary square tubes, there are also stainless steel screen products. Color stainless steel plates are welded and spliced ​​by stainless steel tubes. Therefore, the processing technology of stainless steel decorative plate is complex and abnormal, and different products and processing requirements further increase the difficulty of function.

The stainless steel trim plate is dazzling in color and of very good quality. This is a good material. It is functional as well as decorative. It has excellent mechanical corrosion resistance and its coloured surface is very durable. If it is a mirror treatment, it will also have different effects due to the influence of the environmental landscape. In this regard, the electroplating and coloring of the stainless steel decorative plate are further improved. The color coating is also resistant to high temperature, and the coating temperature is around 200 °C. It didn't work.

Stainless steel decorative plate has good processing performance, such as traditional plate bending, stainless steel decorative thin plate bending is close to 90 degrees, and the color layer will not be a problem, because it is a miniature electronic level accessory color, so you can rest assured that these problems are very practical In the hall of the building, there is no problem with building decoration levels such as flat walls, ceilings, boxes, elevator car panels, large signs, or outdoor advertising decoration, because there is a layer of film on the electroplating layer to protect these colors, at least ten years. Ultraviolet burst hey.

In addition to electroplating, the most important point of the high corrosion-resistant coating on the surface of stainless steel is to increase the corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, anti-ultraviolet radiation and other properties.

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