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What are the available patterns and application scenarios of stainless steel checkered plate

by:Topson     2022-12-01

The stainless steel embossed plate is embossed on the stainless steel plate by mechanical equipment, so that the surface of the plate has a concave and convex pattern, also known as the stainless steel pattern plate. In the application of stainless steel pattern plate, the combination of stainless steel pattern plate and color stainless steel technology is realized by plating color on the stainless steel pattern plate, which enhances the value of the product and makes the product more ornamental. Etched on stainless steel plate, then color plated. Such as black, golden yellow, rose gold, brown, bronze, etc., such products are widely used in elevator decorative panels. The second is to plate color first, and then etch. Such products are widely used in bathroom series.

At present, the available patterns of the popular stainless steel checkered plate include braided bamboo pattern, ice bamboo pattern, diamond pattern, small square, large and small rice grain board (pearl pattern), diagonal stripe, butterfly pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, cube, free pattern , Goose egg pattern, stone pattern, panda pattern, antique checkered pattern, etc. The pattern can be customized according to customers or selected by our factory for pattern pressing. This embossed board has a strong and bright appearance, higher surface hardness, more wear-resistant, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-impact, anti-compression, anti-scratch and no fingerprints. Mainly used in building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration, kitchen utensils and other stainless steel series.

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