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What are the application scenarios of stainless steel decorative color plates?

by:Topson     2022-03-25

In the 1990s, China's economy has been greatly improved, and stainless steel materials have also been vigorously popularized. At the same time, the introduction of electroplating technology has greatly improved China's research in this area, and people's attention has gradually shifted to Electroplated stainless steel decorative color plate, there was a time when people thought that using electroplated stainless steel plate for decoration was equivalent to the willful behavior of rich people, why? Because of the national conditions at the time, stainless steel was a very expensive material. It is not an exaggeration to call it the gold of the material industry. After adding the electroplating process, it is even more expensive. The people who can decorate their houses with this material are basically large families. , but if you put it now... 唧唧

Nowadays, we can see stainless steel decorative color plates in all major scenes, what? You say you haven't seen it? It's just that you didn't notice that the elevators, decorative walls, bar counters of milk tea shops, tooling of office buildings, halls of sales departments of major real estate developers, including your own home are also using colored stainless steel in major shopping malls. If you think that it is used in these places, then you are very wrong. In addition to the construction industry just listed, there are also major fields such as the automotive field, the water industry, the home appliance industry, and the environmental protection industry. Stainless steel is widely used in automobile exhaust pipes or interiors because of its advantages of anti-chloride corrosion and heat resistance, which can save some maintenance costs in the later period, and the cost is not high. , in line with the taste of automobile manufacturers; at the same time, it has been proved by a lot of practice that stainless steel is the material of choice for water industry such as water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration, seawater desalination, etc.

So With its excellent corrosion resistance and processing formability, stainless steel is also classified as one of the daily production materials by the leaders of the household appliance industry, such as the inner tub of automatic washing machines, the inner tub of water heaters, the inner and outer shells of microwave ovens, and the inner lining of refrigerators. , and mostly use ferritic stainless steel. Stainless steel has better performance characteristics than other materials, so it has been involved in the environmental protection industry early in the morning. Some industrial waste gas, garbage and sewage treatment devices need to be made of stainless steel. If other materials are used, the cheap ones have poor corrosion resistance and good corrosion resistance. The price is high It is outrageous, and almost no material is more cost-effective than stainless steel.

The proportion of stainless steel used in industrial facilities in developed countries can generally reach 15%-20%, and the current application ratio in China is still very small. less than 13%. On the one hand, it is due to the introduction of complete sets of industrial equipment, and stainless steel materials have not been counted, and on the other hand, because Chinese materials have not yet been adopted. Chemical, petrochemical, chemical fiber, paper, food, medicine, energy (nuclear power, thermal power, fuel cells) and other fields all require stainless steel. In addition, the existing imported equipment has entered the maintenance period. With the improvement of the quality of domestic stainless steel products and the development of special grade products, the application of stainless steel in China's industrial facilities will increase year by year in the future.

It has been proved that stainless steel has been more and more widely used in various fields, and the entire stainless steel industry still has a lot of room for improvement, whether it is the quality of the product itself or the price, the year 2018 has As a stainless steel enterprise, it is a year with both challenges and opportunities. As long as we do a good job in the details of each product, we can win the reputation of our customers, and win-win is the belief of Guangzhaolong Stainless Steel. We are not a producer of stainless steel, but a porter of decorative steel art. Want to know more hot information and unpopular knowledge about stainless steel? Welcome to search Guangzhaolong Stainless Steel in major search engines, and click the official website to check.

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