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u.s. finds likely harm from china, vietnam tool chest imports

by:Topson     2020-07-03
The International Trade Commission said on Thursday it has initially found that imports of kits and cabinets from China and Vietnam are hurting the interests of the United States. S.
Allow continued investigations into possible dumping and subsidies.
On May 2, the Commerce Department announced the case after a petition from Missouri.
Waterloo Industries, a subsidiary of Fortune Brand and home safety company (FBHS. N).
In 2016, toolbox imports from China and Vietnam totaled US $0. 99 billion and US $77 million respectively.
The department said preliminary counter-measures are expected
Dumping decisions before July and preliminary countervailing tax decisions or subsidy decisions before September.
If it finds that the product is dumped and/or subsidized, it will set tariffs if ITC subsequently confirms its findingsS.
The producers were hurt.
The dumping margin of Chinese products is 159.
99% and 21 from Vietnam.
The Ministry of Commerce said 85%.
The toolbox is usually made of carbon, alloy and/or stainless steel and may include drawers, decorations or other components made of other metals or non-metals
It is said to be metal material.
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