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Three reasons to choose colored stainless steel plate

by:Topson     2022-07-13

With the rapid development of the times, there are diversified choices for clothing, food, housing and transportation, but sometimes the more choices you have, it is not a good thing from another perspective. Why? The so-called flowers are messy, and those who have a little difficulty in choosing do not know how to choose at all. They all say that matching is a very nerve-racking thing, so all-match materials are good news for no one who has difficulty in choosing. You say stainless steel is a versatile material? No, it's not good enough; is the colorful stainless steel trim panel a versatile material? Yes, you got it right!

So now there are more and more new materials, why choose color stainless steel decorative plate? Hear what decorators and post-purchase consumers have to say!

1. Excellent performance and long service life

The six properties of colored stainless steel sheets are believed to have been heard by those who have paid attention to Topson's articles, namely: optical properties, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, processing formability, surface scrub resistance, I'm not bragging, other materials can have one of these six items, and they can stand out in the material world, especially corrosion resistance. Many users buy and use this kind of performance, and this type of material, The service life can generally be more than ten years, and it will not fade or rust, but the premise is that you buy a real 304 or above type of color stainless steel decorative plate.

2. The price is beneficial to the people, and the later maintenance is worry-free

Many friends here will have doubts: the price of a color plated stainless steel decorative plate is basically three or four hundred, and some expensive ones are seven or eight hundred. How can it benefit the people? ! In fact, everyone who knows how to count knows that a material that can be used for more than ten years is more cost-effective than a material that needs to be replaced several times in two or three years? Nowadays, everyone is looking for a high-quality living standard, and there is already a steel scale in their hearts for choosing a method.

When it comes to the later maintenance of the color stainless steel decorative plate, we generally see that the surface of the colored stainless steel plate has a layer of dirt, and this layer of dirt is mostly formed by the accumulation of oil fume, dust and stains over time. Dirt handling is also very simple, just a bottle of water and detergent plus a rag, the premise is that the rag must be clean, because gravel is the natural enemy of stainless steel, it is very likely that if you wipe it, the gravel will remain on the stainless steel surface. lower scratches. So what if it hasn't been cleaned yet? Don't panic, now many hardware stores will sell stainless steel brightener, the price is not expensive, a bottle of dozens of yuan can be used for a long time.

If you have bought a color stainless steel plate without anti-fingerprint technology, then you don't have to regret it, because using alcohol, or some cleaning liquids such as soda water can also wipe off fingerprints and stains one by one. In the Z of the article Later, I am also obliged to remind everyone again that the rag used for cleaning must not have any hard foreign objects, otherwise it will easily damage the electroplating layer on the surface of the color stainless steel plate, leaving scratches that will hinder the appearance.

3. The gospel of beauty control

Colored stainless steel plate shows great artistic charm in the field of architectural design. On the premise of maintaining the inherent luster of metal, it appears full, round, soft and gorgeous. It perfectly integrates its excellent physical properties with excellent artistic expression, reflecting excellent The comprehensive performance of the building material realizes the architect's need for the authenticity of building materials and the expression of design ideas, which will definitely be loved by designers.

The construction industry is a large consumer of colored stainless steel sheets. Especially in recent years, it has achieved comprehensive and sustainable development, and has continued to develop in a high-end and diversified direction. Its decoration and artistry have also been continuously strengthened. Colored stainless steel sheets are in the field of architectural decoration. And the application in the field of art design has expanded the application scope of stainless steel, provided a new world for the development of stainless steel, and constantly opened up new markets.

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