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This is how stainless steel cabinets are selected

by:Topson     2021-09-13

With the development of society, the whole cabinet has become an indispensable part of people's pursuit of fashionable life. The status of the whole cabinet in the home has not only been satisfied with simple practical functions, but has become a direct manifestation of the quality of home life.

  Stainless steel cabinets are environmentally friendly, healthy and durable, easy to clean and maintain, and can make up for the disadvantages of traditional wooden cabinets such as high chemical pollution and easy cracking and mildew. At the same time, stainless steel cabinets have a strong modern metal style and a cool and generous appearance. Therefore, it is highly sought after by modern fashion people and is becoming more and more popular in modern kitchen design!

A set of high-quality stainless steel cabinets will make your kitchen icing on the cake and add interest to your life, but in stainless steel cabinets Different brands of products in the industry are also different, so you need to understand a certain amount of knowledge before purchasing stainless steel cabinets. Next, Dongwo Stainless Steel Cabinet Customization will tell you the 6 key points for purchasing high-quality stainless steel cabinets!

  01 .Look at the design

   When buying stainless steel cabinets, you must first look at the design. Choose your favorite style, shape, and color while keeping the same with your own decoration style. Secondly, it depends on the design effect of the entire cabinet, including the overall effect of the combination of floor cabinets, vertical cabinets, wall cabinets, hardware accessories, kitchen appliances, etc., which need to conform to people's aesthetics, the cabinet space layout design should be reasonable, and the components should be coordinated. , To meet the needs of use.

  02. Look at the brand

   There are many cabinet brands in the home building materials industry. The miscellaneous brand cabinets pay attention to the immediate benefits of shoddy and fake products. The products are not guaranteed; while brand cabinets focus on long-term development, so It is guaranteed before and after product purchase, production, and sales. As a consumer, you must personally investigate and understand the true strength of different brands on the market before buying, and choosing a brand with good service and quality can make your home life worry-free.

  03. Look at the material

   Stainless steel cabinets, as the name implies, are made of stainless steel. For cabinets made of raw materials, there are many types of stainless steel on the market at present. There are both rolled plates and genuine plates. At the same time, there are grades of stainless steel plates. The grade determines the quality of stainless steel cabinet plates. Try to choose food-grade materials when purchasing. For stainless steel plates, such as 304 stainless steel plates, remember not to just pay attention to the price and ignore the material.

  04. Look at the craftsmanship

   Stainless steel craftsmanship is the key to judging the quality of cabinets. When buying stainless steel cabinets, you need to look at the quality from the details, mainly by welding lines and edge sealing. , Drawer rail hardware, etc.

  Welding depends on whether the lines of the welding place are uniform and smooth, especially the effect of the welding process on the table. The sealing edge can be touched by hand and observed with eyes. The sealing edge of high-quality stainless steel cabinets is delicate and smooth, and the sealing line is straight and smooth, the joints are fine, and there is anti-noise treatment, so there will be no obvious cuts when touching the bottom edge of the countertop. a feeling of.

  05. Look at accessories

   The quality of hardware accessories is also an influence An important indicator of cabinet quality. Cabinet accessories include hinges, slide rails, functional hardware, and connectors.

  06. Look at the after-sales service

   After the consumer purchases and uses, the contact with the merchant has just begun. It is inevitable that there will be maintenance problems in the future long-term use. High-quality after-sales Service can solve a lot of worries for customers, so you need to pay attention to after-sales service when purchasing, and you must choose a brand with after-sales service capabilities.

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