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There are various types of surface processes for stainless steel processing and copper plating.

by:Topson     2022-10-26

Stainless steel processing and copper plating is an innovative development of stainless steel materials. Electrolysis is used to attach a metal film to the surface of stainless steel materials to increase wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light reflection and aesthetics, or rely on the chemical properties of metal ions in aqueous solution. The surface is processed and produced by the reaction. There are many colors to choose from, ranging from rose bronze, black champagne, coffee, purple, sapphire, blue, bronze, copper, brass, and more. There are also various types of exterior crafts to choose from. The bottom plate is mainly made of 8K mirror surface, wire drawing and other crafts. In addition, the complex crafts such as wire drawing and He-pattern make the texture clear, light and dark, and the details are exquisite and gorgeous.

Many users choose stainless steel to process copper plating because it is a perfect reconstruction of stainless steel, which not only maintains the corrosion resistance, durable and long-lasting function of stainless steel, but also gives it a more gorgeous, beautiful and colorful appearance, which is eye-catching.

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