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There are several treatment processes for stainless steel surface patterns

by:Topson     2022-10-19
There are many kinds of surface treatment processes in the stainless steel decorative pattern plate industry. Most of these surface processes are still the most common pattern on the surface of stainless steel. So what are the patterns on the surface of stainless steel? Today, Topson will answer, so that everyone can make stainless steel. There is a general understanding of the surface treatment process of the pattern, and choose the surface treatment process that suits your product characteristics:

Embossing: The pattern of the stainless steel embossing process is the same symmetrical pattern that is embossed with a machine on the surface of the steel plate, which is characterized by wear resistance, durability, compression resistance and scratch resistance;

Etching: The pattern of stainless steel etching process is to use etching solution on the surface of the steel plate to corrode all patterns with the same pattern or all patterns with different patterns. , colorful effect;

Printing: The stainless steel printing process produces patterns in the screen printing process and laser marking machine, which is characterized by unlimited number of colors; unlimited copy length;

Stamping: The stainless steel stamping process is to use a machine to stamp out patterns on the surface of the steel plate, which is characterized by good deep-drawing performance and dent resistance, and can punch out deep patterns.

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