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The way to discern the quality of stainless steel decorative color panels!

by:Topson     2022-04-07

As stainless steel decorative color plates become more affordable and widely used. There are many unscrupulous merchants in the market who are shoddy and cut corners. This not only damages the interests of the majority of owners, but also destroys the market environment of the entire stainless steel decorative sheet.

1. First, distinguish the material of stainless steel materials

The common materials of stainless steel decorative color plates are 304 positive material, 304 rolling material, 201 positive material and 201 rolling material.

304 has higher corrosion resistance than 201, and the real material is smoother and brighter than the calendered material. Because of the large price difference, many merchants use shoddy products, use calendered materials to pretend to be genuine materials, and use 201 to pretend to be 304. As a result, the stainless steel decorative color plate began to fade, rust or even break after a few months of use.

So, the first thing we have to do when we inspect the goods is to verify whether the material of the plate is the one you specified.

201 and 304 can be distinguished by the detection potion, while the real material and the calendered material are mainly distinguished by observing the quality of the board surface. The thickness of the calendered material is the same, while the surface of the calendered material is dark, the color is uneven, often black or striped, the back has roller embossing, many sand holes, peeling water marks and other defects, the thickness difference of the board surface can reach 2 to 3 silks.

However, with the improvement of the production process and technology of many large-scale calendering plants, the gap between the real material and the calendered material is gradually narrowing. It takes a professional with extensive experience to tell the difference.

2. Coloring process of stainless steel surface color

Stainless steel coloring process is also one of the important factors in determining the price. The difference between the vacuum plating and coloring process is that the bonding force between the vacuum plating film and the surface of the workpiece is greater, the hardness of the film is higher, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are better, and the performance of the film is more stable, such as titanium Gold stainless steel, water-plated titanium-gold-yellow surface gives the impression that it is just sprayed on; the vacuum electroplating coating will not produce toxic or polluting substances. Water plating will cause waste water pollution. Compared with vacuum ion plating, the color is not so pure, and the phenomenon of shelling will occur, but the price is much cheaper than vacuum plating.

Because it is generally difficult to distinguish the color stainless steel material or the coloring process from the naked eye, it needs experienced professionals to distinguish the quality of it, so when choosing to buy color stainless steel decoration When purchasing materials, you must find a professional and reputable processing factory to buy, and do not delay the decoration project for petty cheap.

3. Observing the metal surface

Because the colored stainless steel is mainly used in architectural decoration and decoration projects, its surface decoration is particularly important. Therefore, when inspecting the goods, it is necessary to carefully inspect and observe the surface to see if there are defects such as color difference, uniform coloring, good color, scratches, sand holes, peeling water marks, etc. between the plates. Especially like titanium, the surface is a mirror effect, if the quality is good, the surface should be free of grinding head flowers and horseshoe prints, and the brightness is high, of course, the price will be relatively high.

4. The quality of the film

The stainless steel decorative color plate will be pasted with a layer of protective film before leaving the factory. Even if it is a transparent film, when you inspect the goods, you must tear a large piece to see the quality of the film. If subsequent cutting and bending is required, a protective film of more than 6C should be attached first to avoid scratching the board surface.

After the stainless steel decorative color plate is installed, the film layer should be torn off as soon as possible to avoid glue. Especially for outdoor decoration, due to direct sunlight, tear off the protective film immediately after construction. Many slow-moving boards have been left in the warehouse for a long time, and the protective film has become powdered, which is difficult to tear, or after tearing, there is still a lot of glue on the surface of the board, which is ugly and difficult to remove, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

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