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The service life of stainless steel checker plate is longer than that of ordinary decorative materials

by:Topson     2022-12-06
Nowadays, many commercial houses, high-end shopping malls and other places gradually like to use stainless steel checkered plate as a decorative material. Not only can stainless steel checkered plate be made into a dazzling and beautiful appearance, but also has strong rust and corrosion resistance, so the service life is longer than that of ordinary decorative materials.

Color stainless steel elevator panels used to be directly decorated with mirror panels or brushed panels as the interior of the elevator. Although they are also very durable, the appearance color is relatively simple, and it is difficult to meet the public's pursuit of aesthetics. Therefore, when many customers choose the interior decoration of the elevator car body, they often like to use stainless steel plates mixed with several processes; the more popular colors are black titanium, titanium gold, bronze, etc.; the most popular ones are titanium mirror etched plates, Combination craft boards such as black titanium wire drawing etching board are used as decorative materials.

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