The original color stainless steel transfer decorative plate, the principle of cold and thermal tran

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The original color stainless steel transfer decorative plate, the principle of cold and thermal transfer technology is like this!

by:Topson     2022-04-25

Transfer technology is a modern printing technology that transfers the graphics and text on the intermediate carrier to the stainless steel substrate through corresponding pressure. Several branches of transfer technology can be divided into water transfer, air transfer, screening transfer, thermal transfer and cold transfer. Transfer printing technology is a modern printing technology, while cold transfer printing and thermal transfer printing are commonly used in China's stainless steel industry. Thermal transfer printing technology is commonly used, which means that the designed pattern and text are transferred to stainless steel through transfer equipment. .

Stainless steel transfer wood grain board technology has the characteristics of exquisite design, good corrosion resistance, UV protection, environmental protection and no pollution. At present, heat transfer stainless steel products on the market can be divided into mahogany pattern board, yellow wood pattern board and black wood grain board. Mahogany grain board is more expensive, while black wood grain board is cheaper. Its processing technology adopts color plating and titanium stripping technology. As a branch of stainless steel decorative board, wood grain board has its unique position in the market and can be used in hotel engineering, bathroom, cabinet, decoration, door industry, metal products and other fields.

Stainless steel transfer wood grain board production process:

1 The first is Make high-resolution patterns or texts

2 Engrave according to the size of the picture

3. Then install the engraved plate on the printing machine and print it on the polyester film as a heat transfer Printing film printing

4 Install thermal transfer film on thermal transfer equipment for printing

But since the advent of cold transfer technology, there have been enough in view of other transfer technologies. Precipitation, the current market share of cold transfer printing is still slightly low, the popularity of this technology still needs to be improved, but the huge market share, cold transfer technology occupies half of the transfer industry, it is just around the corner.

We are not producers of stainless steel, we are just porters of transfer art.

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