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The original appearance of stainless steel decorative plate

by:Topson     2022-11-23
The stainless steel plate comes out of the steel mill in the form of coils, not one by one. After the agent gets the coils from the steel mill, they return to the factory for the second processing, which requires, leveling, straightening, and finishing. , Qibian, Kaiping, after Kaiping comes out, it will be sold to the market.

There is no processing on the surface of the plate after it is flattened out. We call it 2B plate. When the customer asks for what surface, it is necessary to take the 2B plate to the stainless steel processing factory for reprocessing, such as processing into sand board, snowflake sand, Wire drawing board, mirror board, these are the basic processing, that is, the first process, and then do the basic processing here, pull it to the color plating factory for color plating, and if there is no other surface treatment, you can paste the protective film. In this way, a color board is basically completed, waiting to be packed and shipped.

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