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The origin of color stainless steel plate

by:Topson     2022-08-03

In the 1980s, colored stainless steel plates began to be introduced into my country. Since the popularization of stainless steel hotel door panels and stainless steel pipes, large and medium-sized cities in my country have begun to use stainless steel plates as alternative materials in large areas.

The most common stainless steel water pipe in our life is durable. Stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen are known to be sold by square meters, and the price is very, very high. Interestingly, stainless steel is sold by the kilo. We think that the products sold in terms of kilograms will be more expensive than 5,000 per square meter. If this is the case, the weight of one square meter should be as little as 200 kilograms, so that it is not a loss to buy.

Naigu stainless steel reminds us: buy cabinets to Naigu, find processing, and the processing fee will not exceed 200 per square meter. It is possible to spend one square meter to install the entire kitchen.

Besides, colored stainless steel is a beautiful and novel way of building wall decoration. There are two kinds of common stainless steel plates, one is titanium plate, gold plate, and the other is mirror plate, which are two common stainless steels.

Cold and arrogant killer - color stainless steel plate has made a comeback, just like this year's hot phosphor powder in the fashion industry, revealing the joy of infinite publicity. Of course, the cool and arrogant color stainless steel plate needs more clever adjustment in order not to fall into the stereotype.

This requires the ingenuity of the designer. Introduce two:

1. Using the principle of orange, perhaps decorating with classic stripes and gold is a good way. The color stainless steel plate selected with the color of the sofa bucket can set the atmosphere to perfection. The flower pattern makes the color stainless steel plate exude an exotic style, and the cold and proud stainless steel plate will not appear too cold.

2. Build bright colors in a large area, and don't ignore the decoration effect of small objects in the living room. Trivial objects can be adjusted to each other. Light colors and plain colors are a good complement to avoid too many bright colors crowding together to create a messy feeling.

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