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The mysterious road of stainless steel embossed plate

by:Topson     2022-04-22

Stainless steel embossed plate, the surface of the steel plate has a concave and convex pattern, which is used where finishing and decoration are required. Embossing rolling uses patterned work rolls. The depth of the bump on the board varies with the pattern. Stainless steel embossed board is widely used in architectural decoration, hotel lobby, elevator, family table decoration, etc.

Because the stainless steel embossed board itself has the advantages of thermal insulation, waterproof and flame retardant, light weight and shock resistance, convenient construction, sound insulation and noise reduction, green environmental protection, beautiful and durable and other characteristics, the assembly method is simple and practical, not restricted by the seasonal environment, the installation and use are very safe and convenient, and it is suitable for use in all seasons. As a major innovation in metalwork, this metal embossed sheet highlights its advantages.

Shuitianfu stainless steel embossed plate has rich patterns: ice bamboo pattern, generous point, large water drop, large oval, butterfly love flower, antique square pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, three-dimensional square, diamond square, linen pattern, Mosaic, rose gold wood grain, wood grain, European flower, stone pattern, water pattern, Wanzi pattern, small square pattern, small pearl, twill pattern, panda pattern, ingot, strip, pearl, bamboo pattern, custom Into the pattern, can also be customized.

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