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The main steps of stainless steel plate processing

by:Topson     2022-09-17

In recent years, my country's processing and manufacturing industry has developed very rapidly. Under the influence of this large environment, the stainless steel processing industry has also ushered in a new round of development opportunities. What are the main steps in the processing of stainless steel sheets? ? How much do you know about this issue? Now I'm going to tell you something about this issue. I hope it helps you.

1. Welding. It should be noted that oil, rust, dust and other debris should be carefully removed from stainless steel parts prior to welding. When welding, argon arc welding should be used as much as possible. When manual arc welding, small current should be used for rapid welding to avoid swinging. However, it should be noted that arc ignition is strictly prohibited in non-welding areas.

2. Grinding. After welding, the weld should be ground, but it should be noted that the surface of the weld should not have defects such as slag inclusions, pores, undercuts, splashes, cracks, lack of fusion, and lack of penetration.

3. Processing. The processing area of ​​stainless steel parts should be relatively fixed to avoid damage and contamination of stainless steel parts.

4. Correct. When calibrating stainless steel parts, flame heating should be avoided, especially repeated heating in the same area is prohibited. When calibrating, use mechanical devices, wooden hammers (rubber hammers) or rubber pad hammers as much as possible, and do not use hammers to avoid damage to stainless steel parts.

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