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The functionality of stainless steel honeycomb panels

by:Topson     2022-09-07

So why use this honeycomb core as the base?

This involves bionic design. Simply put, the hexagonal honeycomb core consists of three identical diamonds at the base of each small cell. These structures are 'exactly' at each other's angles as precisely calculated by modern mathematicians. This is the most material-saving construction. The board made of the base has high strength, light weight, high flatness, large capacity, relatively strong strength, and is not easy to transmit sound and heat. It is an ideal material for the construction and manufacture of space shuttles, spacecraft, artificial satellites, etc.

Performance characteristics of stainless steel honeycomb panels

1. Light weight and high flatness

The 25mm-thick honeycomb panel weighs only 6kgm2 per meter, which is equivalent to 6mm-thick glass, only 1/5 of the weight of the stone of the same thickness, and the flatness of the same thickness is much higher than that of the solid aluminum panel.

2. The width of the plate is large and the strength is high

The stainless steel honeycomb panel produced by the stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturer is an excellent building interior decoration material. The impact strength is 10 times that of 3mm thick granite, and the whole will not break after impact. After 120 cycles of acid freezing test (-25~50℃), the strength does not decrease, and it is a good decorative material.

3. The surface material can be compounded with different materials, there are many options

Such as aluminum plate, stainless steel, pure copper, titanium, natural stone, wood, soft decoration, etc.

4. Easy to install and can be processed into special-shaped plates

Generally do not need large installation equipment, suitable for the installation of unit curtain wall. The material is lightweight and can be fastened with common adhesives, reducing installation costs.

5. Good sound insulation and heat insulation performance

Its sound insulation effect is better than that of 30mm thick stainless steel honeycomb composite panel. The standard board size can be changed, the standard board size is 1200mm×2400mm

6. Good wind pressure resistance

25mm thick, 1mm thick double-sided stainless steel plate. The negative wind pressure test passed 9100mpa, and the board surface was still flat after rebounding. It is a suitable material for coastal buildings and airport terminals.

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