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The difference between stainless steel surface drawing and sandblasting

by:Topson     2022-04-13

Drawing and sandblasting are two decorative processing techniques in the processing of stainless steel decorative color plates. Through our special wire drawing machine, the stainless steel surface is brushed with uniform high-hardness linear and elastic wheel brushes and abrasive belts, which are not only beautiful, but also have a certain matte effect, making the stainless steel surface matte. Sandblasting is the use of compressed air to spray fine sand particles onto the stainless steel surface on a special sandblasting machine to form a very uniform and fine matt to matt surface. On closer inspection, there are many parallel paths on the surface of drawn stainless steel and many irregular pits on the surface of sandblasted stainless steel.

These two different machining methods do not concern the quality of the stainless steel. The choice of brushing or sandblasting depends on the user's preference, that is, some people prefer brushing and some people prefer sandblasting. However, in my opinion, brushed is easier to clean and easier to maintain its original look after long-term use. Sandblasting is not easy to clean, and wiping the surface for a long time will cause color difference. Now, when stainless steel is sandblasted, no fingerprint treatment can be done to avoid such a situation.

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