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The difference between stainless steel checker plate and electroplated stainless steel checker plate

by:Topson     2022-12-04

Stainless steel checker plate has excellent characteristics such as strong strength, high wear resistance, excellent anti-corrosion performance and not easy to rust. Therefore, it is widely used in the chemical industry, food machinery, electromechanical industry, environmental protection industry, household appliances industry and home decoration, fine decoration industry, giving people a gorgeous and noble feeling. The application and development prospect of stainless steel checker plate will become more and more extensive, but the application and development of stainless steel checker plate largely determines the development level of its surface treatment technology.

The difference between stainless steel checkered plate and electroplated stainless steel checkered plate is: stainless steel checkered plate is a rust-free alloy steel with an average texture; and electroplated stainless steel decorative plate is a layer of non-rust-free other metal plated on the surface of stainless steel, such as Chromium, nickel, copper, gold, etc., not only have anti-rust properties, but also improve their brazing properties, reduce high-temperature oxidation, improve thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, improve smoothness when manufacturing springs or wire drawing, improve brightness, and have decoration. sex, etc.

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