The difference between colored stainless steel titanium plate and colored stainless steel grinding d

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The difference between colored stainless steel titanium plate and colored stainless steel grinding disc!

by:Topson     2022-03-26

1. What is color stainless steel titanium plate

Some customers may just switch from other decorative materials to colored stainless steel titanium plate, and their understanding of this new material is not thorough enough . First of all, let us briefly explain that stainless steel is colored, and this colored stainless steel plate is formed by positive vacancy titanium, which many users directly call titanium plate. The titanium plate we are talking about generally refers to various colors, such as yellow titanium, rose gold, thorn gold, brass, etc., all of which refer to the mirror surface. From a technological point of view, it is first to do polishing mirror surface treatment, and then to electroplate the color according to customer requirements! This is what we now call the colored stainless steel titanium plate.

Second, what is the color stainless steel frosted plate

Here I would like to briefly introduce the colored stainless steel frosted plate. The front of the steel plate is basically the same as the titanium coating, and then it is ground. The sand pattern mentioned here can be brushed, chaotic and sandblasted. It is based on the above process for sanding! It can also be directly polished with 2B primary color, but most of them will choose to polish first, then plated with titanium gold, and then apply a protective film through fingerprint-free paint. In this way, we can make a colored stainless steel titanium matte plate!

Three, the difference between them

1. The color stainless steel sanding plate with different processing technology will have one more process than the color stainless steel titanium plate

2. The price different. We can see that there are differences in the above process. Of course, prices will vary. In the grinding process, do not worry about the price difference of ordinary craftsmanship. The price differs by a few bucks.

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