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The difference between colored stainless steel titanium plate and colored stainless steel frosted plate!

by:Topson     2022-07-25

1. What is color stainless steel plate titanium plate

Some customers may have just switched from other decorative materials to color stainless steel titanium plates, and they do not have a very thorough understanding of this new material. First of all, we will briefly explain that stainless steel is colored and this colored stainless steel plate is formed by positive vacancy titanium. Many users directly call it titanium plate. What we call titanium plate generally refers to Various colors such as: yellow titanium gold, rose gold, champagne gold, brass, etc. all refer to the mirror surface. From the point of view of craftsmanship, it is to do polishing mirror treatment first, and then plate the color according to the customer's needs! It is the color stainless steel titanium plate we are talking about now.

Second, what is the color stainless steel matte plate

Here, I will briefly introduce to you that the front of the colored stainless steel matte plate needs to be plated with titanium gold, and then it is frosted. Sanding is in progress! It can also be frosted directly with 2B primary color, but most of them will choose to first polish and then frost them in titanium-plated gold, and then apply a fingerprint-free paint and then a protective film. In this way, our color stainless steel titanium matte plate is ready!

Third, the difference between the two

1. The color stainless steel matte plate with different processing technology will have one more process than the color stainless steel titanium plate

2. The price is different. We saw above that there are differences in the process. Naturally, the price will also be somewhat different. Don't worry about the price of the craftsmanship that is very common in sanding. The difference is about 5 yuan.

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