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The atmosphere in the 304 stainless steel plate furnace is different in each part

by:Topson     2022-06-07

304 stainless steel plate is cold drawn and deformed, which can increase the strength and improve the resistance to deformation. On the contrary, the solution treatment of heating and quenching with a protective gas at a temperature of 1050 degrees can be softened. Heat treatment: Heat treatment is a metal thermal processing process that heats, maintains and cools metal materials in a certain medium, and controls its performance by changing the metallographic structure on the surface or inside of the material. Sometimes there are only two processes, heating and cooling. The quality of the surface of the 304 stainless steel plate mainly depends on the heat treatment and pickling process of the stainless steel wire. If the thickness of the oxide scale formed by the heat treatment process is uneven, and the surface finish of the basic metal is different in the thick and thin places, the pickling process will not be used. The surface finish cannot be improved, so in order to control the surface quality of stainless steel wire, it is necessary to strictly control the two procedures of heat treatment and pickling. How does the 304 stainless steel wire make the heat-treated oxide skin evenly distributed? To do this: we must pay attention to the following issues: 1. If the surface of the stainless steel wire is stained with oil during heat treatment, the thickness of the oxide skin will be different from that where there is no oil stain, and Carburized. The metal under the oxide scale is corroded by the acid in the pickling process. Do not touch the stainless steel wire with your hands during heat treatment, because fingerprints will also affect the quality of the oxide skin during heat treatment. 2. If the stainless steel plate is found to have oil stains before hot processing, it must be fully degreased in trichloroethylene degreaser and caustic soda solution, then washed with warm water, and then heat treated. 3. The atmosphere in the 304 stainless steel plate furnace is different in each part, and the formation of oxide scale will also change, which is also the reason for the unevenness after pickling. Therefore, when heating, the atmosphere of each part of the furnace must be the same. For this reason, the circulation of the atmosphere must also be considered.

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