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the appeal of black stainless appliances

by:Topson     2020-07-03
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Since the advent of black stainless steel appliances a few years ago, they have been touted as a warmer alternative to the general stainless steel industrial look.
But that\'s not the only difference.
Manufacturers say their black stainless steel appliances are resistant to stains and fingerprints and it\'s easier to clean: Nancy Bock says: \"Black Stainless Steel does not require any special polishing treatment to keep it looking good, senior vice president of education at the American Institute of cleaning, a trading group.
\"Cleaning is usually simple and can be done with warm water and soft cloth.
Most of the ordinary stainless steel refrigerators we \'ve tested don\'t have fingerprints.
Finish resistant.
\"So you will see stains, fingerprints, water spots and stripes,\" said Joe Pacella, an engineer running the CR refrigerator test . \".
In other words, it takes some effort to keep the fridge, dishwasher and stove top clean, and eventually you will see scratches.
Please check \"how to clean stainless steel appliances\" for tips \".
To see for ourselves, we went to the lab and wiped the doors of several refrigerators with wet cloth and soft towels.
\"After cleaning, coated stainless steel and black stainless steel look good,\" said Pacella . \".
\"But stainless steel without coating needs more work --
Stainless steel cleaner will help.
\"A recent kitchen trend study found that 8% of those who replaced the appliances during the kitchen renovation chose the black stainless steel model, right behind the white appliances.
\"Stainless steel is still the most popular, 73%,\" said Nino Sitchinava, chief economist at Houzz . \".
You may be able to mix and match common stainless steel appliances from several manufacturers, but each manufacturer has its own black stainless steel, which makes the mix brand even more tricky.
So we asked about the black stainless steel appliances for each manufacturer.
What they have to say is.
BoschBosch has just launched its first black stainless steel kitchen kit, which includes a total of nine appliances, as shown above.
The $1,000 Bosch SHPM78W54N dishwasher is now available in stores.
We tested the same model in different finishes: Bosch SHPM78W55N.
Other black stainless steel appliances in this suite will be available this quarter and next.
Described as: a unique black
Anja Prescher, director of brand marketing at Bosch, said graphite tone.
\"While traditionally black tones absorb light in areas like the kitchen, Bosch black stainless steel reflects the light back into space to create a spacious and charming feel.
\"This is a special stainless steel material that helps prevent scratches and fingerprints,\" Prescher said . \".
How to clean: a soft and dry towel can do the job, or use warm water diluted with a non-wear, gentle cleaning soap.
Do not use stainless steel cleaner.
\"One of the biggest kitchen design trends is white --on-black—
White and black decor, \"said Brett Townsend, a spokesman for Frigidaire.
\"Consumers, however, are not happy with traditional black appliances because they look old and cheap.
Description: modern design available in black stainless steel, easy to clean
According to Frigidaire, both black and stainless steel appliances are the best.
What it is: Margaret duic, senior product line manager, says stainless steel comes with a polymer-protected coating, capable of producing black finishes and resisting fingerprints and stains.
\"It is very durable, but like the coating on the car, it will scratch.
\"How to clean: use wet cloth. That’s it.
Laura schragter, a spokeswoman for blackaid, said the Black stainless steel finish complements any kitchen design.
\"Compared to non-coated stainless steel, black stainless steel significantly reduces the appearance of stains and fingerprints,\" she added . \".
\"The soft, brushed, matte finish in rich Metal Black allows homeowners to use neutral canvas when renovating their kitchens,\" Schlageter said . \".
\"Appliances with matte finishes are more seamlessly combined with today\'s trends in household cabinets, which are usually painted with matte or satin finishes.
\"What is it: a colored coating on steel.
How to clean: wipe the surface with a clean sponge or soft wet cloth and gentle detergent
This is what is needed in most cases.
If stainless steel cleaner is used, wipe the surface in the direction of the grain and then wipe it with a soft and dry cloth.
You can buy touch-
Fix the scratches in the clinic.
\"As a mom with two children under the age of 6, I used to wipe my stainless steel refrigerator every day,\" said Taryn Brucia, LG\'s director of public relations . \".
\"With LG black stainless steel, I only wipe it clean when doing a full kitchen cleaning --
Occasional fingerspaint mishap.
According to LG, the description is: Satin is smooth, warm, delicate, and perfectly matched with any style or color of the surrounding cabinets.
What is it: stainless steel coated with special materials to make its fingerprintand smudge-
This is difficult, LG said.
Manufacturers have recently added matte finishes to their black stainless steel range.
How to clean: wipe clean with soft and dry micro-fiber cloth.
For difficult chaos and construction-
Oil, wipe with a small amount of warm soapy water along the direction of the metal particles.
Samsung \"consumers have been looking for new high-end products --
A Samsung spokesman said: \"It looks like a practical finishing work at the same time . \".
\"Black stainless steel meets these needs.
According to Samsung, the description is: stylish, delicate, stylish black stainless steel works well in the modern kitchen.
What is it: stainless steel with acrylic coating.
Samsung said: \"There are two layers of coating . \"
\"The first layer is for color, and the second layer is for resistance to fingerprints and stains.
\"This makes it easier to maintain than normal stainless steel, but scratches are more visible due to dark colors, the manufacturer said.
The transparent coating can protect scratches, but the stainless steel below will reveal if the coating is deep. Touch-
Paint can be used.
However, since the color coating is translucent, it is difficult to recover the color accurately.
How to clean: wet towel is a trick.
Samsung says you can also use cleaning products such as grinding
Free mineral oil or window cleaner.
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