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Teach you how to identify the quality of color stainless steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-07-20

As the price of colored stainless steel plate becomes more and more affordable, the application is more and more extensive. There are many unscrupulous merchants in the market who shoddy and cut corners. This not only damages the interests of the majority of owners, but also destroys the market environment of the entire stainless steel decorative sheet. Let's popularize the identification method of stainless steel color plate

1. Look at the material first

The common materials of color stainless steel plate are 304 material, 304 calendering material, 201 material and 201 calendering material. Among them, 304 has higher corrosion resistance than 201, and the real material is smoother and brighter than the calendered material. Because of the large price difference, many merchants use shoddy products, using calendered materials to pretend to be genuine materials, and using 201 to pretend to be 304. As a result, the color stainless steel plate began to fade, rust or even break after a few months of use.

Therefore, the first thing to do when we inspect the goods is to carefully verify whether the material of the plate is the one you specified.

2. Look at the effect again

Color stainless steel plates are mainly used in the field of decoration, and have high requirements on the ornamental and decorative properties of the plate surface. When inspecting the goods, be sure to inspect and observe carefully. A good color stainless steel plate should have no visible color difference under direct sunlight, no color difference in the whole batch, uniform coloring and good color.

The surface of a good color stainless steel mirror panel should also be free of grinding flowers and horseshoe prints, high brightness, no scratches, bends, and no fading.

3. Tear off the film after Z

The color stainless steel plate will be pasted with a layer of protective film before leaving the factory. Many slow-moving boards have been left in the warehouse for a long time, and the protective film has been powdered, which is difficult to tear, or after tearing, a lot of glue is still stuck on the surface of the board, which is ugly and difficult to remove, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

After the color stainless steel plate is installed, the film layer should be torn off as soon as possible, and the glue should be applied. Especially for outdoor decoration, due to direct sunlight, tear off the protective film immediately after construction.

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