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Talking about the misunderstanding of stainless steel color plate

by:Topson     2022-03-19

In our actual work, we often encounter many customers inquiries about the need for stainless steel color plates. Some product names are different from the actual products. The following points are briefly described:

1. Stainless steel titanium plate, titanium plate is actually a general term for colored stainless steel plates. There are many colors, such as titanium black (black titanium), titanium gold, titanium White, sky blue, sapphire blue, brown, brown, emerald green, green, purple, bronze, bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, etc. In Foshan, the titanium plate generally refers to gold or golden yellow titanium. , so we must ask what color titanium plate the customer needs.

2. Stainless steel wire drawing board, many customers say that the wire drawing board may be an ordinary matte board, not a wire drawing. The grains are different, so be extra careful not to get the sand grains wrong.

3. Stainless steel fingerprint-free board, many customers say anti-fingerprint board or anti-fingerprint board, our industry term is fingerprint-free board, we must know this.

4. Stainless steel etching plate is also called stainless steel corrosion plate. This should also be understood. When customers ask us, we should understand it ourselves.

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