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Surface and characteristics of stainless steel pattern stamping plate?

by:Topson     2022-04-13

With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's requirements for decoration are becoming more and more strict. Stamping technology overcomes the shortcomings of traditional printing technology, making people more and more interested in this technology.

The surface of the stainless steel decorative pattern stamping plate is: the stainless steel stamping plate is made by stamping equipment, and the part that needs to be removed from the stainless steel decorative plate is punched by the stamping process. The middle of the stamped stainless steel decorative plate is hollow, that is, a customized decorative pattern part is punched out by high-speed rotary processing. As mentioned above, stamping technology overcomes the fatal flaw of traditional craftsmanship, which is easy to fall off paint, and meets the needs of the general public.

Stainless steel stamped decorative panels come in a variety of colors, including sapphire blue, rose gold, titanium gold, emerald green, pink, brown gold, black titanium, and more. Colored stainless steel stamped stainless steel sheet has some unique advantages! Such as: durable, first-class decorative effect, easy to clean, strong resistance. Universal color stainless steel stamping plate is suitable for the decoration of elevator interior, car and train carriage, ship hull, architectural decoration and other industries.

With the continuous improvement of social life quality and the increase in the number and types of decorative materials, higher requirements are put forward for the selection of decorative materials. We should not only consider its appearance, but also its environmental protection, safety, fire resistance and other properties. Currently, there are many options on the market. Metal art board is your choice.

Characteristics of metal embossed board

Compared with other decorative materials, metal embossed board has the characteristics of many shapes, good durability, rich colors, strong three-dimensional effect, etc. Safety, environmental protection, fire resistance and other properties. The raw material of metal embossed plate is stainless steel plate, which is very stable and will not change its properties due to moisture in the air. Also, it has higher hardness and better durability. By stamping the pattern on the stainless steel plate to form the metal embossed plate, the stereoscopic vision immediately appeared in front of us.

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