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stunning views, space and a heated indoor swimming pool

by:Topson     2020-07-30
Built in 1970 s, later expanded and renovated as a luxurious multi-device
High-rise homes located on the elevated site \"Glenbrook\", Lake Drive, Laken, Blackington, Co Wicklow are perfectly accessible to take advantage of the breathtaking views of Lake Blackington and the Wicklow Mountains-
A view that is unstoppable from any other residence.
Brilliant garden of 1.
The house has a frame of 3 acres and a white superstructure consisting of glass, balcony and terrace.
Huge space--
436sqm area--
Glenbrook has an impressive array of amenities and features, including an indoor heated pool, which is a perfect fit for those who love the entertainment style.
The reception area in the living room, living room and dining room is reinforced by a huge balcony, which is laid in stainless steel and comes with a glass panel, which allows access to the sun terrace by sliding the floor to the ceiling glazing.
A 9 m heated pool by 3 M is built on a lower level with sauna and shower room, while there is a lovely sundeck area at the back of the house.
The wood paneled ceiling extends to the living room, dining room and kitchen through the wooden floor-mounted lobby, all with views of the lake and mountains.
There are four double bedrooms overlooking the lake and the garden.
The luxurious master bedroom is separate.
The spiral staircase outside connects the balcony to the garden and picnic --
Patio with low stone walls.
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