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Strongest iPhone 4 Cases: iPhone 4 Otterbox, iPhone 4 Carbon Fiber Case and iPhone 4 Metal Case

by:Topson     2020-06-22
Since I bought an Otterbox Commuter box for my BlackBerry Bold 9700, I have been a fan of the Otterbox case.
I mean, you can also provide 3-
Protective layer of IPhone 4?
It can almost make your beloved phone invincible.
Okay, just list this 3-
Layer Protection, the first layer is made of a transparent protective film of the screen, and the second layer is made of hi-
The Impact polycarbonate case and the third layer are a durable silicone case wrapped around the phone to absorb shock and heat
Form paper covering the screen and keys.
Otterbox is not satisfied with the protection that their iPhone 4 Otterbox Defender case can provide, Otterbox also adds some nice features, including the coating on the outside of the touch screen that can resist the fingerprint, the inner felt lining, the leather sleeve that can keep the iPhone 4 face inside or outside, which can also be used as a representative hand-
Watch media for free.
It\'s clear that the Otterbox Defender case protects your iPhone 4 from bumps, shocks, drops and dust.
It would be better if this box could also protect your iPhone 4 from water, but this could require too much. (Price: $49. 99)
Buy the Otterbox Defender case for iPhone 4. Case-
This is another solid iPhone 4 case, and while not as difficult as the Otterbox case, it\'s made of real carbon fiber that provides the best protection for your iPhone from major shocks.
Carbon fiber material enables the shell to absorb the impact, leaving a dent in the iPhone 4
Free when you accidentally put it down.
The handmade carbon fiber leather case is made by the best in the world-
Napa grade leather wrapped in a crash molded case.
The leather sleeve components of this iPhone 4 carbon fiber case are many
The direction and the ratchet are at 360-degree angle.
Whether you\'re standing or sitting, this allows you to adjust the holster to the most comfortable angle. (Price: $49. 99)Buy the Case-
Want a truly powerful IPhone 4 case for the iPhone 4 metal case?
How about the metal case?
Do you think this sounds incredible?
Believe it or not, there is such an iPhone 4 case made by LtdTools.
This iPhone 4 metal case has a hinge cover that adds protection to your iPhone 4.
Made of stainless steel carefully made by professional mechanics.
The IPhone 4 metal case looks super
Solid, industrialized, will turn your iPhone 4 into lean production
Mobile communication machine.
Because it is made of stainless steel, the outline of the iPhone case is thin, the outline is smooth and uneven, and easy to grip.
The IPhone 4 is also easy to install, making sure you don\'t accidentally scratch it.
If you don\'t mind turning your iPhone 4 into a mean thing
Look at the equipment, you will be interested in this. (
Price: US $95 freight)
Buy the iPhone 4 metal box.
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