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Store decoration choose stainless steel checkered plate

by:Topson     2022-11-11

The facade of the store often adopts a large solid wall without windows or a large color stainless steel checkered panel curtain wall. A large-scale store name is written on the large solid wall to highlight the signboard and form a logo; sometimes etching processing technology is used to make a large solid wall. Exaggerated, complex and artistic patterns, as wall decoration advertisements, make people feel surprising, eye-catching and attract people.

The effect of the real wall is not the same because of the different decoration materials. When using stainless steel checkered panels to decorate the curtain wall, completely different effects can be obtained at night and in the daytime, especially at night, the store is brightly lit, colorful, or full of emotion. The scenery is all in front of people's eyes. This wonderful effect can arouse people's desire to consume and attract more people to enter the store.

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