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Steps To Drill Stainless Steel Sheets

by:Topson     2020-08-17
Stainless steel has \"work-Because of this situation, it becomes very difficult to drill this piece of metal.This usually occurs when cutting, drilling, or bending a metal, the heat generated will harden the metal.Typically, the heat generated during drilling will harden the steel plate faster than any other type of metal processing.There are many drilling methods for stainless steel plates, especially those that are already workinghardened.With the help of controlled heat accumulation and the use of suitable drill bits designed for harder metals, drilling can become very easy.Here are the steps to drill hard metal plates: 1.First, select the cobalt drill bit that matches the required hole size on the card plate of the drill bit motor.2.Next, cutting fluid will be applied on the surface of the stainless steel sheet and at the end of the drill or bit.This fluid is a lubricant that is mainly used for machining and metal processing.3.How to run the drill motor effectively is the most important step.Set the end of the drill bit on the surface of the metal sheet and push hard.Then press the trigger of the machine and turn the drill bit slowly.However, make sure there is no smoke coming out of the drilling area.If you see smoke, then apply more cutting fluid in this area.After the process is finished, reduce the pressure of the machine and slowly remove the drill bit from the surface of the steel plate.4.Then apply the same cutting fluid at the tip of the drill that needs to be connected to the drill motor.Put the tip into the drill, quickly tap the trigger of the rig, and clear the burrs around the edge of the hole.5.Finally, wipe the cutting fluid from the surface of the paper.Stainless steel sheets are widely used in many industries.
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