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stainless storms the kitchen.

by:Topson     2020-06-16
Consumers see commercial products as prototypes of quality performance and as prototypes of stainless steel rules for commercial kitchens. Stainless-
Steel stoves, refrigerators, countertops and cabinets have been entering the upscale residential kitchen from restaurants and hotels for some time, and some portable appliances now have this look as well.
While stainless steel means something different to different consumers, no one denies its popularity.
Some people appreciate high
Stainless steel offers a high-tech industrial look.
Others think it\'s classic and retro.
Stainless steel is heavier than other cheap metals or alloys.
Because of the higher price, it provides a way to increase the price point.
For example, bread manufacturers are maturing as a category, and manufacturers value dif-
High Fermentation-
The final product of the basic unit.
According to one source, stainless steel
Compared with similar bread manufacturers made of other materials, the average unit price of steel bread manufacturers is $10 higher.
Barbara Westfield said: \"We believe that stainless steel has been around for a while, and a year and a half ago we introduced the baker who brushed and polished stainless steel, \"Director of Marketing and Product Development, Salton/Maxim household products
Welbilt introduces three stainless steel models
At the home Fair in Chicago, steel coffee filters will start shipping on the 3 Th.
\"We recognize the opportunity to place this category, and more specifically, we need stainless steel.
Steel filters on the market, \"said Patricia Boehm, director of product development at Welbilt.
We introduced stainless steel.
Phil Ketter, marketing director at Regal Ware Inc. , said: \"Steel bread manufacturers complement the trend of major electrical appliances to stainless steel . \"
Stainless steel, he added
The steel bakery is a powerful addition to the company\'s bread production line.
Both Regal 6782 and 6780 bread makers are made of wire steel.
They are more expensive, mainly sold through department stores.
6747 is polished steel, the target is the public business.
Thomas Kilby, president of Waring Products, said, \"at the end of the day, dis-
What customers really value is stainless steel instead of other materials.
At the high end, heft is a consideration.
He added that since Hualin has positioned itself at the high end of kitchen appliances, the company will launch products suitable for more expensive materials such as stainless steel.
A juicer in Wallin comes with stainless steel
Steel case and cover.
It goes through gourmet specialty stores, health and nutrition stores and high
End of department store.
Waring beverage mixer with stainless steel
Most of the blade and blade assemblies in steel cups and Valin appliances are made of stainless steel.
Kilby explained that the use cost of stainless steel may be many times more expensive than other materials, but products made of stainless steel provide retail customers with the opportunity to earn a higher dollar profit.
\"The key is to have the right product in the right store,\" he said . \". \"High-
Finally, stainless steel appliances sell best in richer trading channels where higher prices will be considered daily prices.
Kilby also talked about the prominent position of stainless steel in the commercial kitchen.
\"In our business of commercial food service equipment, many products are made of stainless steel,\" he said . \".
\"Commercial customers prefer stainless steel because it is durable in heavy use.
This value is being transformed into the popularity of stainless steel in the home.
He added that Hualin will launch a new
Stainless steel products for consumers later this year.
Westfield of Salton/Maxim said she believes that the current popularity of stainless steel is from high
The technical phenomenon of 1970.
\"Look at what\'s happening in SoHo, New York, stainless steel
Furniture, furniture, furniture
\"SoHo\'s popular look can also be transformed into a kitchen in Central America, she notes.
\"Stainless steel-designed appliances bring a retro feel to great industrial designers, to a certain extent American style.
Stainless steel appliances have a streamlined industrial quality, while also providing project warmth.
Salton/Maxim now produces the electrical range of Farberware.
\"Farberware has been a leader in the stainless steel industry for decades.
Westfield said: \"Steel Electric.
\"Stainless Steel has proved its endurance.
She explained that the company plans to launch 100 projects in its Far East regionberware line.
\"The Farberware Baker we introduced at the show, we plan to expand to other new categories,\" she said . \".
She added that more products will be launched at the food fair.
\"In the presence of fabware --
In the core product category, the design will remain the same.
Welbilt\'s Boehm believes that stainless steel is an important factor in the high-end kitchen.
\"People see its impact on major electrical appliances,\" she said . \".
\"The importance of the kitchen was greatly expanded in the late 1980 s and early 1990 s, with commercial trends in high-end appliances, countertops, cabinets, etc.
Westfield at Salton/Maxim said: \"I don\'t think stainless steel is a fashion, especially given what we are doing with white Westinghouse and Farberware series kitchen appliances.
She explained that in the company\'s White House Project, it spent a lot of time working on the application of stainless steel in Frigidaire.
\"We are right on this wavelength and this is an important design direction,\" Westfield said . \".
\"Believe me, stainless steel is here to live.
Westfield says she believes stainless steel will eventually have more influence over the United States. S.
He pointed out that in Europe, the company has been showing soft-toned electrical appliances for 18 months.
\"We saw a small piece of pastel at The Housewares Show, but I think American consumers will be more attracted to stainless steel than to color,\" she said . \".
Stainless steel is more effective in both ways, she explained.
\"It\'s a bold design statement, but it\'s more neutral than the color,\" she said . \".
\"It is suitable for a wide variety of decorative schemes.
It also made a statement about the firmness and gave a commercial look.
\"But consumers are smart, according to Westfield, and they want appliances to be durable, not just to look durable.
\"If there is nothing in a product, consumers will not be interested,\" she said . \".
\"Electrical appliances must be executed.
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