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Stainless steel wood grain plate printing and water transfer technology

by:Topson     2022-05-04

Stainless steel wood grain board can use wood grain transfer technology to make wood grain groups, one is water mark transfer technology, the other is water coating transfer technology, the former mainly completes text and graphic patterns Transfer, the latter often completes the transfer of the entire product surface. In the book 'Introduction to Printing Industry' published in 1973, he pointed out: 'Chinese printing technology was not invented by someone alone, nor was it invented suddenly in a certain era; it was the crystallization of the wisdom of thousands of sages.' /p>

Cube transfer uses a water-soluble film that is easily soluble in water to transfer pictures and texts. Due to the excellent tension of the film on the water, and due to the , Five Dynasties, Song Dynasties were overturned by the existing literature and cultural relics, and there is no need to discuss Beijing stainless steel further. Therefore, this article only makes a brief review and description of the four universities of the Han Dynasty, Six Dynasties, Sui and Jiangyuan.

The wood grain transfer technology of stainless steel wood grain board is a process technology. It is the process of transferring the pattern on the board to the substrate by transferring the material. It is easy to wrap the surface of the product to form a graphic layer. The surface of each product has a completely different appearance, such as spray paint, etc. Overprint technology can cover the color pattern on any shape of the workpiece, and the switch can solve product printing problems for manufacturers, including the color of stainless steel wood grain boards .
Surface overhang can also add different patterns on the surface of the product, such as leather, wood, jade, marble, etc. It can also avoid the common vacancies in color plate printing. During the printing process, educational consultation can avoid damaging the surface of the product And integrity, because the surface of the product does not need to be in contact with the printed film. Vacuum wood grain coating technology: After the electrostatic spraying of metal products is completed, the stainless steel wood grain board is transferred to the surface of the workpiece by thermal transfer printing. It is not easy to fade, and the wood grain is realistic, improving It is widely used in: aluminum alloy doors and windows, anti-theft doors, fire doors, steel and wood furniture, filing cabinets, computer casings, household appliances, metal accessories and other high temperature resistant metal materials.

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