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Stainless steel wood grain board, nostalgia and fashion coexist

by:Topson     2022-09-18

Stainless steel wood grain stainless steel decorative board includes embossed stainless steel wood grain board and etched stainless steel wood grain board, which can be customized according to your requirements of various materials (201, 304, 316) and specifications of stainless steel wood grain board.

Stainless steel wood grain board has many advantages: green environmental protection, no pollution, fire prevention, rust and pollution prevention, easy to clean, fashion, avant-garde, various styles, colorful, high finish, durable. Therefore, stainless steel wood grain board can replace plastic ceiling and become the most popular stainless steel decorative board material nowadays.

Stainless steel wood grain board is widely used, mainly used in elevator hall door, car decoration, hotel decoration, entertainment venue decoration, subway platform ADS threshold, etc. Among them, Z is the best-selling stainless steel wood grain board. Because deep etching can perfectly present the three-dimensional effect of the pattern. Stainless steel wood grain board is your safe choice!

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