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Stainless steel wire drawing process is hot in stainless steel processing

by:Topson     2022-12-09

The brushed stainless steel process is relatively hot in stainless steel processing, and with the rapid development of modern machinery, the process of stainless steel wire drawing processing is also various, many times we see the brushed stainless steel can clearly show every tiny wire mark , so that the matte stainless steel has a fine hair luster. It is such a special filamentary pattern that you can't see it and touch it. Get the attention of the majority of users.

Stainless steel wire drawing refers to the striped texture effect on the surface of stainless steel, which is the most common and widely used type of stainless steel surface processing technology. After the stainless steel plate with matte surface has been brushed, there are traces of texture on the surface, but there is no bump to the touch. The brushed stainless steel is more graded than the general 2B stainless steel, because the surface drawing treatment can reflect the texture of the metal material. The lines on the surface of the wire drawing board include straight lines, random lines, corrugations and threads. Compared with stainless steel without wire drawing process, stainless steel wire drawing plate is more wear-resistant. If there is a very precise requirement for the thickness of stainless steel, it is not recommended to use wire drawing surface treatment, because this process will affect the surface of the stainless steel substrate to a certain extent. The wear range is about 0.05mm~0.1mm; if a layer of stainless steel anti-fingerprint UV varnish is applied, the corrosion resistance can be improved twice.

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